Taking your business to the next level?

Mentorship for Female Entrepreneurs in Rural Communities

Sometimes we need other people’s perspectives. Someone to tell us to pivot our strategies, so that we stay on track to achieve our business’ goals. This is what this program will provide for you: a group of mentors to play a soundboard for your business to help you in the areas you need help with to maximize your efforts and grow your business! You will also be a part of a Mastermind Series led by Claire Bouvier.

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What does this program offer?

One-on-one mentorship with paid professionals

A customized mastermind series with Claire Bouvier

How will it work?

1. You will pick your mentors
(3 mentors maximum):


We have curated a list of mentors from different industries so pick strategically! You will have 3 hours of credit towards your one-on-one mentorship over 3 months. For more details on your mentorship sessions and to meet your mentors click here.

2. You and your mentors will schedule your sessions:


You will have your mentors’ contact information and it will be your responsibility to communicate with them to set up your mentorship schedule.

3. You and Claire Bouvier will schedule your Mastermind Sessions:

This will be an awesome opportunity for peer mentorship. Tapping into each other’s networks and building relationships can be a life-long benefit for you and your business!

4. Celebrate One Entrepreneur in Your MasterMind Group on Social Media:

Lastly, we want the world to see how far you’ve come! You will support another woman from your mastermind group by giving them a shout out on your business’ social media platforms, and they will do the same for you.

*There will be some paperwork to fill out, but this is important for you to keep track of your progress, and it will help us to serve you better!*

Our Mentorship Program

Why should you join this program?

We’re glad you asked!

When was the last time you had a “one-stop shop” of professionals to help you in many different industries? This opportunity doesn’t just fall on your lap. We have put in the work to curate an awesome experience that also takes into consideration your busy schedules.